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Exercise Physiology Laboratory


A 3,000 square foot Exercise Physiology Lab is located in the ERC Business Park approximately one mile from KDMC. It is fully equipped with Keiser pneumatic resistance training equipment, free weights, treadmills, stationary exercise cycles, as well as state-of-the-art, computerized equipment for measuring muscle performance, cardiopulmonary response, and body composition. These tools are available for utilization by investigators working the field of health disparities related to endocrine metabolism and exercise physiology.




Human Studies

  • Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) Exergaming in Adults With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus ( Parallel group study )

    "This study is a randomized, controlled trial of a 3-month ad libitum program of the "exergame" "Dance Dance Revolution" (DDR) versus traditional treadmill exercise. Each group of subjects will be assessed at baseline, and then assigned exclusively to one of the two exercise modalities. Subjects will be free to attend exercise sessions in their assigned exercise modality at the exercise facility, at a frequency, duration and intensity of their own choosing with minimal staff supervision, for a period of exactly 90 days; adoption of new exercise programs outside of the study will be prohibited. Dosages of any concurrent medications will be maintained constant, and all subjects will receive standardized nutrition counseling."

  • Exercise Dose-Response on Features of the Metabolic Syndrome ( Parallel group study )

    "This study investigates the degree of improvement in insulin resistance and features of the metabolic syndrome in non-diabetic overweight or obese subjects after training in a low-intensity, moderate-intensity or non-aerobic exercise program, as well as self-initiated exercise behavior after the assigned exercise program." "The proposed study is a randomized, open study comparing low-intensity and moderate-intensity aerobic exercise versus non-aerobic (stretching) exercise on direct measurements of insulin resistance and variables associated with the metabolic syndrome. This 6-month intervention will be followed by an additional 6-month follow-up period during which subjects will be encouraged to maintain their exercise regimen (along with their prescribed diet) but without scheduled supervision. Behavioral variables associated with adherence will be analyzed along with changes in the above physiological variables."


  • InBody 320 Body Composition Analyzer ( Body composition analyzer )

    The GE InBody320 provides precise body composition, segmental lean analysis and body fat analysis in less than 30 seconds. Its foldable design, fast results and intuitive user-interface make the InBody320 an invaluable tool for monitoring health and fitness.

  • Keiser Pneumatic Resistance Training Equipment ( Instrument )

    One leg press machine and one chest press machine.
    Keiser's Patented Pneumatic Technology uses air resistance instead of weight which removes momentum from the equation and allows the person to train with a consistent variable resistance curve at any training speed. The machines also provide the advantage of virtually zero shock loading to connective tissues and joints, which gives users the ability to train at any speed without fear of injury.

  • Lafayette Multi-Function Timer and Switch Mats ( Instrument )

    Enables accurate timing of short distance sprints

  • Polar Heart Rate Monitor ( Heart rate recorder )

    "For endurance athletes and runners who rely on systematic training

    Helps avoid over or under training by aiding you to train at the right intensity

    Measures detailed information about your performance

    The Polar Fitness test measures your aerobic fitness at rest and tells you your progress"

  • SenseWear Armbands ( Instrument )

    "SenseWear enables automated monitoring of energy expenditure, activity and sleep efficiency, giving healthcare professionals a comprehensive tool to assess, motivate, and educate patients to help change behavior.

    With the SenseWear Armband you can monitor your patients' activity and help set personalized short and long term goals to increase their physical activity. The PC-based SenseWear Software allows physicians to directly control the level of reporting detail for each patient. With a variety of custom views, physicians can take a high-level snapshot of activity, as well as identify key activity points and trends to help educate their patients and craft a patient behavior program."

  • Vmax Encore PFT System ( Instrument )

    The compact, fully-integrated Encore system provides fast, accurate results for a range of pulmonary function tests including Spirometry, Lung Volumes, and Diffusing Capacity.


  • CardioSoft Diagnostic System ( Software )

    "CardioSoft v6.6 Diagnostic System from GE Healthcare is more than a software program — it is a data acquisition and management solution that transforms your laptop/PC or computer network into an advanced diagnostic system. So you can easily acquire, analyze, store and transport resting ECG, exercise stress tests, ambulatory blood pressure and spirometry measurements. And that’s just the beginning."

  • Polar ProTrainer Software ( Software )

    "Polar ProTrainer 5 is a dynamic, advanced training software that gives you a deeper understanding of your training based on heart rate zones, speed, distance, time and increasing/decreasing heart rate."

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